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Suzuki tachometer, white

Barcode 3420093J31000

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This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Type Analog
Power 12 V
Illumination White
Dial colour White
Bezel Chrome
Housing Plastic
Range 0-7000 RPM
Manufacturer Suzuki
Item dimensions
Country Japan
Mounting hole diameter, mm 85
Mounting hole diameter, in 3 3/8
Dial size (including bezel), mm 100
Dial size (including bezel), in 4
Apply for:
Two-stroke engines Suzuki DT30/40
Four-stroke engines Suzuki DF8-30A
Tachometer with white dial and stainless steel bezel.
Full-scale 7000 RPM tachometer can be used on electric-start models by using 4, 6 or 12 pole switch on rear of meter.