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Stainless steel (aisi316) split slide, for tent frame 7/8"(22mm)

Barcode S1174922

  • stainless steel (aisi316) split slide, for tent frame 7/8"(22mm) price, S1174922  (art-00001431) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Material Stainless steel
Item dimensions
Dimensions 75х32х34 mm
Item details
Manufacturer YCH Marine
Сountry of production Taiwan
Sliding folding bracket is fixed on the arcs of the frame and fixes the tip.
Made of stainless steel with the addition of molybdenum, so it is stable to salts.
For easy and quick installation, remove the screw, that connects the two half of the bracket, grasp the pipe and fasten the screw again.