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Rocket ski tow rope, 17m

Barcode 3070710017083

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Diameter, mm 10
Diameter, in 13/32
Breaking load, kg 1300
Breaking load, lbs 2866
Material Polyester
Colour Yellow/red
Manufacturer Textech Cord
Country Thailand
Item dimensions
Overall length, m 17
Overall length, ft 55.7
High performance tow rope for tubes, wakeboards and banana-boats.
Offers fantastic acceleration, sensational side-swing effects, soft ride with less shocks and impacts.
Double braid polyester rope with 16-strand cover and 8-strand core, made from high tenacity multifilament polypropylene yarns, with integrated high-elastic rubber multistrand stretching zone.
Both ends have professionally hand spliced eyes, 20cm on one end and 150cm at the other.