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Remote control system stbd (analogue y-701)

Barcode YA4810110_YX

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Location on board right
Material aluminium
Gas principle pulls
Throttle +
Reverse control +
Trim control -
Stop button +
Remote control cable +
Ignition switch -
Buzzer -
Engines number 1
Construction type overhead vertical mounting
Analogue 701-48101-10
Weight 2540 kg
Item dimensions
Package dimensions 400х210х95 mm
Item details
Manufacturer Yang-Xian
Сountry of production Taiwan
Remote Controller for Yamaha outboards. Used for the combined throttle / reverse control. Set to right side, pulls gas. Equipped with a dual-action button, which is used to run the starter and for an emergency stop. Cable length - 5 m.