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Remote Control (Analogue Yamaha Y-703)

Barcode 703482051710_

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Location on board universal
Material aluminium
Gas principle pulls
Throttle +
Reverse control +
Trim control +
Stop button +
Remote control cable +
Ignition switch +
Buzzer +
Engines number 1
Construction type overhead vertical mounting
Analogue 703-48205-17-10
Weight 4256 kg
Item dimensions
Package dimensions 365х245х165 mm
Item details
Manufacturer E.Chance
Сountry of production Taiwan
Remote Controller. Equipped with an alarm system, ignition switch (with the function of starting choke control), emergency stop switch with the key, hydraulic lift control button, pin(10p). Design features allow you to set the controller on the right or on the left side. Cable Length - 4.6 m. Adapters for remote control cables are supplied.