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Propeller Suzuki 3X9-14X11

Barcode 5810089L40019

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This item has been discontinued!

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Two-stroke engines Suzuki DT9.9; DT15; DT9.9A*; DT15A*
Four-stroke engines Suzuki DF8A; DF9.9A; DF9.9; DF15/DF15A; DF20A
Item specifications
Propeller specification 3x9-1/4x11R
Number of blades 3
Diameter 9 1/4 "
Blade pitch 11 "
Material Aluminum
Rotation Regular (Right-hand)
Type of drive Spline
Number of splines 10
Manufacturer Suzuki
This type of boat propellers is installed on the outboard engines without thrust washer, marked on the image to the left. This particular feature is actual for the following types of engines: DT9.9, DT15, DF8A, DF9.9A, DF9.9, DF15.
It is not recommended to install this type of propeller on Suzuki DF20A engines. Otherwise in case of rapid acceleration propeller bush damper may be slewed. Any mechanical damages of the propeller caused by the customer from improper use will not be covered under warranty.
*In case of installation this type of propeller on Suzuki DT9.9A-15A engines you will also need a thrust washer (barcode 57633-93901) or installation kit (barcode 57630-93900).