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Propeller Suzuki 3X11-3/8X14

Barcode 5810088L52019

  • propeller Suzuki 3X11-3/8X14 price, 5810088L52019  (art-00000369) photo:photo:number
  • propeller Suzuki 3X11-3/8X14 description, 5810088L52019  (art-00000369) photo:photo:number
5,242 THB 5,242 THB
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Two-stroke engines Suzuki DT40; DT50; DT55; DT65
Four-stroke engines Suzuki DF40A; DF50A; DF60A; DF40T; DF50T
Item specifications
Propeller specification 3x11-3/8x14R
Number of blades 3
Diameter 11 3/8 "
Blade pitch 14 "
Material Aluminum
Rotation Regular (Right-hand)
Type of drive Spline
Number of splines 13
Manufacturer Suzuki