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Pes stretch cord 6mm 11m/blue

Barcode 3060106001103

  • pes stretch cord 6mm 11m/blue price, 3060106001103  (art-00000106) photo:photo:number
  • pes stretch cord 6mm 11m/blue description, 3060106001103  (art-00000106) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Colour Blue
Material Polyester
Diameter, in 1/4
Diameter, mm 6
Manufacturer Textech Cord
Item dimensions
Country Thailand
Overall length, m 11
Overall length, ft 36
Single braid rope with 16-strand cover made of high tenacity polypropylene yarns and rubber filament core. Construction of the rope provides 100% stretch with subsequent returning to rope’s original shape.