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Outboard engine DT40WL

Barcode DT40WL

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This item has been discontinued!

Suzuki outboard engines are developed at highest professional level and equipped with highly effective modern systems.
Two-stroke outboard engine Suzuki DT40 is equipped with Pointless Electronic Ignition system (P.E.I.) which delivers a powerful spark at every start. Implementation of this system has led to several benefits including strong and reliable performance and prolonged sparkplug life.
Dome-shaped pistons and cylinder heads of Suzuki DT40 engine help move more air and fuel into the cylinder increasing both combustion and power for every stroke, delivering better fuel economy, more power per cm³ and greater overall performance.
Suzuki DT40 is also equipped with water cooling system with dual water intakes that provides stable cooling effect of the engine and over-rev limiter system that prevents engine wear and damages caused by operations at full throttle.
Due to modern technologies and high-level Suzuki developers DT40 is a reliable engine, which doesn’t require permanent maintenance or demand certain operating conditions, simple to use and demonstrates impressive technical characteristics over time.
• Pointless Electronic Ignition (P.E.I.)
• Over-rev Limiter
• Start-in Gear Protection
• Shallow Water Drive
• Dual Water Intakes
• Through Prop Hub Exhaust
• Keystone Rings
• Loop Charge Intake System
• Suzuki Anti-Corrosion Finish
• Suzuki Fuel Tank 25L
• Suzuki Fuel Line 2m (with bulb)
• Suzuki Propeller (Aluminum)
• Suzuki Emergency Cut-off Switch
• Owner's Manual
• Tool Kit
Maximum output 40 HP
Dry Weight (including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil) 75 kg
Number of cylinders 2
Engine type 2-stroke
Starting system Manual
Steering Tiller
Trim method Manual trim and tilt
Piston displacement, cm³ 696
Bore x Stroke, mm/mm 79 x 71 mm
Fuel delivery system Carburetor
Alternator 12V 6A
Gear ratio 2.09:1
Gear shift F-N-R
Equipped propeller* 3х11-1/2х13
Propeller rotation Regular (Right-hand)
Propeller selection (pitch)* 9-16 "
Fuel tank capacity, L 25
Lubricating system Pre-mixing
Full trottle operating range 5000 - 5600 rpm
Ignition system Pointless electronic ignition
NGK spark plug BR8HS
Recommended transom height, mm 508 (L) mm
Recommended transom height, in 20
Lower unit gear oil capacity, L 0.61
Drive protection Rubber hub
Manufacturer Suzuki
Country Thailand
Accumulator Optionally, 35 Ah
Maintenance kit (bar-code) 17400-92810
Engine oil viscosity grade CCI, TC-W3 (NMMA)
Gear oil viscosity grade SAE 90 (API GL-5)
Warranty 2 years
Fuel/oil mixing ratio 50:1
*Please inquire at your dealer for details of the propeller.
Manufacturer reserves the right to modify construction details, design and equipment of certain product.
Before completing the purchase, please check carefully all product's specifications, including information about its availability.