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Outboard engine DF6S

Barcode DF6S

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This item has been discontinued!

Knowing that small portables like the DF6 get transported a lot, Suzuki Company set out to design these outboards compact and lightweight to make transporting easier. At the same time these engines obtain some features that would make their operation easy and more user friendly. As four-strokes, these outboards deliver clean, economical operation, and being made by Suzuki, you know they’ll deliver excellent power, performance, and durability.
Powering the DF6 is a single-cylinder 4-stroke OHV engine with a large displacement of 138 cm³. Its excellent mid-range torque combined with light weight results in excellent acceleration.
Also, four-stroke operation provides the DF6 with greater fuel-efficient operation, less vibration and quiet operation while eliminating the need for mixing oil with the fuel, etc. This keeps your boating experience clean, pleasant and user friendly.
DF6 outboards are the first to utilize a Digital CDI ignition system equipped with an ignition coil. The single unit system is compact, lightweight and strong against corrosion. It also acts as an over-rev limiter while providing stable idling.
These engines are equipped with a built-in 1.5-liter fuel tank that is the largest fuel tank offered in the same four stroke class. This makes short excursions possible without the use of an external fuel tank. For extended use, the DF6 are equipped with a remote fuel connector for use with an external tank
DF6 engines are equipped with a tiller handle that extends out from the long steering bracket. This design positions the operator further forward in the boat to provide better weight distribution which, helps in getting an inflatable to plane quicker. The outboard is designed to turn 90-degrees both left and right of center. This feature helps docking and tight turning of the boat while its 90-degree stopping points provide an easy to recognize reference of the outboard’s angle. With the tiller handle attached to the steering bracket rather than the motor itself, and the utilization of a large rubber mount inside the same steering bracket, vibration in the tiller handle has been greatly reduced.
A tilt up handle was also constructed to fulfill customer’s needs. It is built into the backside of the engine cover and offers easy tilting of the outboard. Pulling back on the handle makes tilting of the engine from the normal drive position to any one of the two shallow water drive positions or tilt up position a simple operation.
As was already mentioned, carrying process was made easier. It has become possible with the incorporation of a large, ring shaped carrying handle. Designed with smooth edges and lacking any sharp angles, the large carrying handle offers plenty of space for both hands.
• Over-rev. Limiter
• Shallow Water Drive
• Fresh Water Flushing System
• Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System
Owner’s manual, emergency start rope, tool kit, propeller, emergency cut-off switch.
Maximum output 6 HP
Dry Weight (including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil) 25 kg
Number of cylinders 1
Engine type 4-stroke OHV 2-Valve
Starting system Manual
Steering Tiller
Engine mounting Bushing type
Trim method 5 pin manual tilt
Piston displacement, cm³ 138
Bore x Stroke, mm/mm 62 x 46 mm
Fuel delivery system Carburetor
Alternator 12V 6A (optionally)**
Gear ratio 1.92:1
Gear shift F-N-R
Equipped propeller* 3х7-1/2х7
Propeller rotation Regular (Right-hand)
Propeller selection (pitch)* 6-7 "
Fuel tank capacity, L 1.5
Lubricating system Circulating
Full trottle operating range 4750 - 5750 rpm
Ignition system Digital CDI
NGK spark plug CPR6EA-9 (from 2011y.)
Recommended transom height, mm 381 mm
Recommended transom height, in 15
Drive protection Rubber hub
Manufacturer Suzuki
Country Thailand
Maintenance kit (bar-code) 17400-91830
Engine oil viscosity grade SAE 10W-40 (NMMA FC-W)
Gear oil viscosity grade SAE 90 (API GL-5)
*Please inquire at your dealer for details of the propeller.
**Instalation kit for connecting and charging accumulator is purchased separately.
Manufacturer reserves the right to modify construction details, design and equipment of certain product.
Before completing the purchase, please check carefully all product's specifications, including information about its availability.