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Outboard engine DF115ATX

Barcode DF115ATX

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379,000 THB 379,000 THB
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The DF115A outboard engine is a real combination of quality reliability and choice. Due to increased working volume of the engine the DF115A outboards have better traction characteristics. The new generation DF115A engines are equipped with advanced Suzuki Lean Burn Fuel Control System, which provides great fuel economy without sacrificing on performance.
Being an in-line four cylinder outboards let DF115A utilize aggressive gear ratios that enable these outboards to swing a larger prop. The combination of a large prop and lower gear ratio delivers plenty of torque, exhilarating acceleration and exciting top-end speed.
The DF115A engines include an O2 Sensor Feedback System that helps to keep emissions cleaner and more stable. In addition to this the DF115A also benefit from a water detecting system which is designed to help protect the engine from moisture in the fuel and a knock sensor that detects and controls abnormal combustion allowing the engine to operate at optimum performance.
Two-stage gear reduction system and offset driveshaft incorporated in the DF115A reduce engine’s size and move the outboard’s center of gravity forward resulting in better weight distribution on the transom and contributes to directional stability. The offset driveshaft also moves the axis of inertia, the point where vibrations are produced, up over the engine mount, which reduces engine vibration.
Suzuki utilizes a number of its advanced technologies to deliver cleaner, more efficient operation that conforms to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) – Directive 2003/44EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, and has received three-star ratings from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
• Two-Stage Gear Reduction System
• Offset Driveshaft
• Suzuki Lean Burn Control System
• Suzuki Easy Start System
• Over-rev. Limiter
• Low Oil Pressure Caution
• Timing Chain
• Fresh Water Flushing System
• Tilt Limit System
• Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System
• Suzuki Tachometer, White/Black
• Suzuki Trim Gauge, White/Black
• Suzuki Remote Control Box Side Mount/Top Mount w/h Panel Switch
• Suzuki Propeller (Aluminum)
• Suzuki Main Wiring Harness, 6.5m
• Control Adapter Kit
• Steeling Link Rod
• Owner's Manual
• Tool Kit
• Fastening Bolts
Maximum output 115 HP
Dry Weight (including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil) 187 kg
Number of cylinders 4
Engine type 4-stroke DOHC 16-Valve
Starting system Electric
Steering Remote
Engine mounting Shear mount
Trim method Power trim and tilt
Piston displacement, cm³ 2044
Bore x Stroke, mm/mm 86 x 88 mm
Fuel delivery system Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
Alternator 12V 40A
Gear ratio 2.59:1
Gear shift F-N-R
Equipped propeller* 3х14х17
Propeller rotation Regular (Right-hand)
Propeller selection (pitch)* 15-25 "
Lubricating system Circulating
Full trottle operating range 5000 - 6000 rpm
Ignition system Solid state electronic ignition (Fully -transistorised)
NGK spark plug BKR6E
Recommended transom height, mm 635 (X) mm
Recommended transom height, in 25
Oil pan capacity, L 5.5
Lower unit gear oil capacity, L 1.05
Drive protection Rubber hub
Manufacturer Suzuki
Country Japan
Accumulator 130 Ah
Maintenance kit (bar-code) 17400-92820
Engine oil viscosity grade SAE 10W-40 (NMMA FC-W)
Gear oil viscosity grade SAE 90 (API GL-5)
Warranty 2 years
*Please inquire at your dealer for details of the propeller.
Manufacturer reserves the right to modify construction details, design and equipment of certain product.
Before completing the purchase, please check carefully all product's specifications, including information about its availability.