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NGK CPR6EA-9 spark plug for Suzuki

Barcode 0948200L04000

  • NGK CPR6EA-9 spark plug for Suzuki video, 0948200L04000  (art-00001357) photo:photo:number
270 THB 270 THB
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Item specifications
Heat range 6
Thread diameter 10 mm
Thread reach, mm 19
Thread reach, in 3/4
Hex size, mm 16
Hex size, in 5/8
Seat type Flat
Resistor Yes
Center electrode Nickel
Gap, mm 0.9
Gap, in 0.036
Manufacturer NGK
Country Japan
NGK CPR6EA-9 spark plug.
The CPR6EA-9 spark plug has alumina silicate insulators which reduce plug’s fouling, provide superior strength and better heat transfer.
Resistor made of composite material ensures superior performance and durability of the plug.
Corrugated ribs of the plug prevent flashover and a triple seals reduce possibility of leakage.