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Membranous wa sup p shu ext prob 24v20,1 l/min 45 psi (3,1 bar)

Barcode 59013212

  • membranous wa sup p shu ext prob 24v20,1 l/min 45 psi (3,1 bar) buy, 59013212  (art-00001229) photo:photo:number
  • membranous wa sup p shu ext prob 24v20,1 l/min 45 psi (3,1 bar) price, 59013212  (art-00001229) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Voltage 24 V
Capacity 5.3 gpm
Current 6 A
Recommended fuse* 10
Inlet diameter 1/2
Outlet diameter 1/2
Suction head, ft 6
Suction head, m 1.82
Shut-off pressure 45 psi
Manufacturer Shurflo
Item dimensions
Country Mexico
Weight, lbs 7.93
Weight, kg 3.6
Dimensions (length-width-height), in 9.37 x 5.19 x 5
Dimensions (length-width-height), mm 238 х 132 х 127
The Extreme Pro Blaster is a five chamber diaphragm pump that delivers over 5 gallons per minute and pressure up to 45 PSI, giving you the ultimate in washdown capabilities. This high volume pump will clean your deck quickly and easily. The corrosion resistant coated seamless motor shell with sealed switch provides excellent protection against the harsh marine environment.
The Extreme Pro Bluster pump has got powerful electric motor of high reliability and can run dry without damage. Installed pressure sensor automatically turns the pump on and off in order to maintain set pressure. Overflow valve smooths pressure pulsation of the pumped liquid.
To avoid premature damage of diaphragms you need to instal preliminary filter (e.g. in-line filter).
Temperature of the liquid to be pumped must not exceed +54°C (129°F).
Manufacturer recommends the fuse to be fitted.
*Fuse is not included into the package.