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Kit,gear case(re-sealing)

Barcode 2570088L00000

This item has been discontinued!

Apply for:
Two-stroke engines DT40
Four-stroke engines DF40-DF50;DF40A-DF60A
Item details
Manufacturer Suzuki
Kit for replacement seals in reducer
Sales package
09168-10022-000 drainage screw gasket 3 pcs.
09280-75001-000 housing propeller shaft seal 1 pc.
09289-22007-000 oil seal propeller shaft 2 pcs.
09282-17005-000 oil seal torsion bar 2 pcs.
55122-94400-000 seal for the base of the water pump 1 pc.
17472-96301-000 plate gasket of the water pump 1 pc.
25223-94400-000 rod shift duster 1 pc.
25222-96300-000 rod gear corrugation 1 pc.
09280-08005-000 shift rod seal 2 pcs.
09280-11001-000 shift rod seal 1 pc.
Used in models:
DT40 2001 ~ model year
DF40 1999-2010 model year
DF50 1999-2010 model year
DF40A 2010 ~ model year
DF50A 2010 ~ model year
DF60A 2010 ~ model year
This package is not applicable for models:
DF50AV (cargo reducer);
DF60AV (cargo reducer).