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Fuel Pump, 12V/14A

Barcode 1006512

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This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Voltage 12 V
Capacity 6 (water), 3 (oil).
Current 14 A
Outlet diameter 5/8
Manufacturer TMC
Item dimensions
Country Taiwan
Weight, lbs 9.9
Weight, kg 4.5
Dimensions (length-width-height), in 6.36 x 5.95 x 6.75
Dimensions (length-width-height), mm 162 x 152 x 172
Self-priming gear pump with bronze casing and gears. Suitable for salt water and any liquids except for the flammables. Pump capacity depends on liquid type. The reversible pump on "easy walk" is operated by an "on-off-on" rocker switch which allows liquid to be pumped in or out of the tank be reversing the flow direction.
Sales package
Do not use with inflammable liquids.
Please handle the waste petroleam products carefully to prevent polluting the environment.