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Fuel line Suzuki /adapters 6575095510 /6575098505

Barcode 6570087D80_EC

  • fuel line Suzuki /adapters 6575095510 /6575098505 price, 6570087D80_EC  (art-00000645) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

Apply for:
Two-stroke engines DT9.9/DT15/DT30/DT40
Item specifications
Material Gasoline-resistant pvc
Length, cm 300
Inside diameter 7 mm
Item details
Manufacturer E.Chance
Сountry of production Taiwan
Fuel line assembly with two connectors on both ends (bar-codes of the connectors 6575095510 and 6575098505).
Fits Suzuki DT9.9, DT15, DT30, DT40 outboard engines.
Price per meter of hose.