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Female fuel fitting

Barcode 6575095500000

  • Female fuel fitting price, 6575095500000  (art-00000244) photo:photo:number
  • Female fuel fitting description, 6575095500000  (art-00000244) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

Apply for:
Two-stroke engines DT4; DT5; DT6; DT8; DT9; DT15; DT20; DT25; DT30; DT40; DT50; DT55; DT60; DT65; DT75; DT85; DT90; DT100; DT115; DT140; J4
Four-stroke engines DF9.9; DF15; DF20; DF25; DF30; DF40; DF50; DF60; DF70; DF90; DF115; DF140
Item specifications
Material chromed brass
Diameter of fuel hose 8 mm
Item details
Manufacturer Suzuki
Сountry of production Japan
Fuel adapter is designed to connect the fuel hose to the portable tank.
Adapter is compatible with the connecting pipe 65740-95D01