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E.Chance propeller for Yamaha 60-140 HP

Barcode 6E54594300EL_EC

  • E.Chance propeller for Yamaha 60-140 HP price, 6E54594300EL_EC  (art-00000475) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

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Two-stroke engines Yamaha 60F; 70B; 75A; 75C; 85A; K50; 60F; E60; 70B; 80A; 90A; 85A; 90A; 115A; 115B; 115C; 130B; L130; 140B; 140C
Four-stroke engines Yamaha FT60; F80; F100; F90; F115; FL115
Item specifications
Propeller specification 3x12-5/8x21R
Number of blades 3
Diameter 12 5/8 "
Blade pitch 21 "
Material Aluminum
Rotation Regular (Right-hand)
Type of drive Spline
Number of splines 15
Manufacturer E.Chance
Country Taiwan