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Compass ritchie sport x-21, black

Barcode X21BB

  • compass ritchie sport x-21, black buy, X21BB  (art-00001723) photo:photo:number
  • compass ritchie sport x-21, black description, X21BB  (art-00001723) photo:photo:number
2,200 THB 2,200 THB
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Item specifications
Material Plastic
Dial colour Black
Viewing Adjustable to 30°
Mount type Dash mount
Protective cover None
Dial size, mm 51
Dial design Direct-read
Body colour Black
Dial size, in 2
Night lighting 12V Green
Compensators None
Manufacturer Ritchie Navigation
Item dimensions
Country USA
Mounting hole, mm 52
Mounting hole, in 2 1/16
Dash mount Ritchie Sport X-21BB compass with 51mm (2") direct reading dial and adjustable viewing up to 30°.
Has powerfull directive force magnets for fast heading lock-on and exclusive built-in green NiteVu lighting. High temperature composite construction provides extended operating range of the compass.
Fits standard 52mm (2 1/16") instrument hole.
X-21 compasses do not have built-in compensators.