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Cleat 6"

Barcode M0120132Y_Kof

  • cleat 6" price, M0120132Y_Kof  (art-00001753) photo:photo:number
  • cleat 6" description, M0120132Y_Kof  (art-00001753) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Material Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Kofuku
Item dimensions
Country Taiwan
Height, mm 32
Height, in 1.25
Overall length, mm 152
Overall length, in 6
Stud center-to-center, in 2.32
Stud length, mm 52
Stud length, in 2.04
Stud center-to-center, mm 59
Stud size, mm 8
Stud size, in 5/16
Deck cleat.
Designed to secure the rope during mooring and docking.
*Fasteners are not included.