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Bruce anchor hdg, 25 kg

Barcode 637425HDG

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  • bruce anchor hdg, 25 kg description, 637425HDG  (art-00001422) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Material Hot-dipped galvanized steel
Weight, kg 25
Weight, lbs 55
Style Bruce-style claw
Type of bottom Sand, mud, and gravel
Approximate boat length* 52 ft
Manufacturer YCH
Item dimensions
Country China
Bruce-style claw anchors have become a popular option for small and medium boats. This type of anchors doesn’t break out with tide or wind changes, but slowly turnes in the bottom to align with force.
Claw-type anchors are one-piece design anchors, manufactured in heat-treated cast steel, and have no moving parts. These anchors possess a highly efficient curved fluke area and subsequent fluke anchor action. All this give claw anchors very good holding power and stable performance.
Claw anchors dig well in sand bottom, mud or gravel, but are less-reliable on rocks with lots of seaweed.
*Approximate boat length is a consulting characteristic to choose anchor size. Even if anchor fits your boat’s length, sometimes you’ll have to take a heavier one, because of the boat’s weight or above-the-water profile.