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Bow roller, s.steel (AISI316)

Barcode S0421796_316

  • Bow roller, s.steel (AISI316) price, S0421796_316  (art-00001427) photo:photo:number
  • Bow roller, s.steel (AISI316) description, S0421796_316  (art-00001427) photo:photo:number

This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Material 316 Stainless steel
Maximum line size, in 9/16
Maximum line size, mm 14
Manufacturer YCH
Maximum chain size, mm 8
Maximum chain size, in 5/16
Item dimensions
Country China
Overall length, mm 328
Overall length, in 12.91
Outside channel width, mm 96
Outside channel width, in 3.77
Hinged bow roller. Designed for fluke and claw style anchors.
Anchor roller provides a rolling surface that makes it easier to drop and weigh anchor without banging up your topsides. It also create a fair lead for the anchor rode so it doesn't chafe against your stem fitting or chocks.
The rolling action reduces chafe as the nylon line stretches. Also it allows you to stow your anchor conveniently after you weigh it.
Pay attention to roller’s length, to be sure it will fit your anchor.
In case of choosing inappropriate roller size the anchor may not be stowed in the roller or will hit boat's topside.