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Anchor type grapnels a

Barcode SM301060

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This item has been discontinued!

Item specifications
Material Hot-dipped galvanized steel
Weight, kg 6
Weight, lbs 13.2
Style Grapnel anchor
Type of bottom Coral, rock and heavy vegetation
Approximate boat weight, kg 550-800
Approximate boat weight, lbs 1212-1763
Manufacturer SUMAR
Item dimensions
Country China
Grapnels are small but efficient in certain conditions anchors. The shape of the anchor when collapsed is very compact so the anchor is easy to stow. Also, when collapsed, anchor has no sharp edges to cause injury or boat damage.
Grapnel anchors are designed for rock and coral bottom. In coral it is often able to set the anchor quickly by hooking into the structure, but may be more difficult to retrieve.
On the other hand, grapnels rarely have enough fluke area to develop much hold in sand, clay, or mud and can’t be used for extreme holding requirements.
A grapnel anchor is often quite light, and may have additional uses as a tool to recover gear lost overboard.